sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day
sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day
sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day
sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day
sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day
sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom - a quiet day

sindroms / Issue #1: Red Sindrom

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記念すべき第一号となるRed Sindromは、コンセプチャルでかつ丁寧に編集されたとエッセイやヴィジュアルを通して、日常生活における「赤」について140ページにまとめてあります。きっとそれはジェットコースターに乗った時の爽快感を味わえるでしょう。

このissueは、愛、怒り、情熱などの「赤」という感情のレンズを通して、デザイン、ライフスタイル、文化を探求しています。 デンマークを代表するファッションブランドHenrik Vibskov、デザインスタジオからはNote Design Studio、アーティストではDaniel van der Noon、アートディレクターのEvelyn Bencicovaなどの

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 Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind. Curating its content based on specific colours and investigating them across culture, Sindroms immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour. 

In this issue: 

The first issue, Red Sindrom, celebrates the use of red in everyday life through conceptual and carefully curated editorials and visual essays, which carry the reader through an emotional rollercoaster throughout its 140 pages.

This issue delves into designlifestyle and culture through the lens of ‘red’ feelings, such as love, anger, or passion. We talked to many talented people and brands that all somehow explore red in their own fields: Henrik Vibskov, Note Design Studio, Daniel van der Noon, Evelyn Bencicova, and many more who have shared amazing perspectives on how the colour red influences their work.



- Why did you start sindroms magazine?

 We loved the independent publishing scene and what so many great indie magazines were doing in print – really making print thrive. Since our team had a quite multidisciplinary background, making a magazine seemed like the perfect chance to combine everything we loved doing, and create something together. Investigating the indie magazine market, we noticed that there was a focus on minimalism and the slow lifestyle, and while we loved that, as colour enthuasiasts we felt like something was missing, something to stand out from the crowd.


– Why do you focus on COLORS?

Because everyone is affected by colour, and people don’t realise how powerful colour is and how much it can influence them and the way they perceive their surroundings. That’s why Sindroms is structured on feelings, and states of mind evoked by each colour. Because it’s so amazing how a certain colour can influence your mood, the way you feel about something, for example whether you feel cosy or anxious in a certain place. Perhaps you’ve always been unconsciously drawn to one colour, without knowing why, how it influences you or why it matches your personality. Sindroms is an invitation to make people reflect even more about their colour choices, and discover how different designers, artists, chefs, etc, use it in their work.


- What do you want to tell to everyone by your magazine?

With Sindroms we want to create a world in which colour brings new perspectives to everyday life, and we invite readers to see the world though our monochrome filter and join our rollercoaster of emotions.