sindroms / Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom

by sindroms



第二号はYellow Sindromでは、幸せ、楽観主義、友情、不安、嫉妬などを「黄色」のレンズを通して、デザイン、ライフスタイル、文化を探求しています。

Wang&Söderström、Zsofia Kollar、Le Morandineなどの新興アーティストと話をし、非常に才能のある多くのフォトグラファー、アーティスト、作家とコラボレーションをしました。182ページのカラフルなページでお届けする「黄色」感情的なジェットコースターをお楽しみください。


 Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind. Curating its content based on specific colours and investigating them across culture, Sindroms immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour. 

In this issue: 

The second issue, Yellow Sindrom, delves into designlifestyle and culture through the lens of ‘yellow’ feelings, such as happiness, optimism, friendship, anxiety and jealousy.

We talked to emerging artists such as Wang & Söderström, Zsofia Kollar and Le Morandine, and work with many extremely talented photographers, artists, and writers, in order to bring you a yellow emotional rollercoaster that unfolds within 182 colourful pages. 

We take on topics such as the societal pressure of putting on a happy face, inappropriate jokes, emojis, junk food, blonde hair—and so much more—through conceptual, carefully curated editorials, thought pieces, and visual essays.


 - Please let me know about your balance of official work and fun project.

Work-life-balance, eh? It sounds very cheesy but it’s actually quite important for us. As Sindroms is our side-gig—meaning it’s after hours, the weekend or any free hour we can squeeze in—we usually talk about Sindroms when we meet. That’s why it’s super important for us to always focus on the fun because that’s how Sindroms started, and schedule fun activities in-between. Of course, we almost always find a way to talk about the magazine but we make an effort not to do that over dinner to keep sane, haha!


 - When you make sindroms issue, are you affected by Nordic way of life and mind?

We are, of course, it’s something that is quite difficult to avoid. Sindroms is of course very colourful, something that Scandinavia is not necessarily famous for. There is a bigger focus on a neutral colour palette, with white, black and shades of grey or beige being quite predominant. But even though we are so colourful, the Sindroms aesthetics are very influenced by the Scandinavian ones: we also try to cultivate a quite conceptual, minimalistic aesthetic style.